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The first aid Foundation LPEV

The Foundation LPEV -founded in 2007- is an independent non-profit first aid organisation and certifies advanced first aiders in the Netherlands.

The need for highly skilled and Advanced lay First Aiders is growing due to Dutch Public Health law and regulations. Regular or common certifying first aid organisations in the Netherlands rarely certify first aiders at higher levels than common and/or traditional.

The Foundation LPEV is founded to fill the gap between a. the common and traditional first aid, and b. the Public Health and ambulance services. The Foundation LPEV has developed a series of three unique and high standard lay first aid courses in the levels Basic, Advanced and First Responder for the Dutch market.

In 2005 Dutch first aid certifications are no longer solely appointed to The Orange Cross due to deregulation in the Netherlands. Since 2005 other first aid certification organisations like the Foudation LPEV, are active on the Dutch lay first aid certification market.

Our First Aid courses are especialy developed for workers and volunteers with a first aid task working and/or being active in chemical plants, difficult working circumstances, remote areas, factories, offshore, small and large events, festivals, concerts, carnavals, (motorised) sport activities and events, etc.

If there is a higher risk for accidents, incidents and injuries, the First Aider certified by the Foundation LPEV is even more prepared to provide first aid along with ambulances services in comparison with common and traditional trained first aiders.

All the first aid courses from the Foundation LPEV are fully based on the international used ABCDE method and other related first aid protocols. If the worker or volunteer has a valid first aid certificate, a cross-over course from traditional trained First Aider to First Aider LPEV is needed to become a certified First Aider LPEV. If the worker or volunteer has no valid first aid certificate, then a full Basic First Aider LPEV course is mandatory.

Does the Foundation LPEV train First Aiders LPEV? No, First Aiders LPEV are solely trained by an increasing number of volunteer organisations and commercial first aid training compagnies in the Netherlands.

Compagnies, organisations and First Aid training organisations who are interested in highly skilled lay first aiders, please contact us to make a step forward in modern first aid.

Please use our email adress, or our Contact form.





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